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About the Author of this Site

My background?  I have had a number of careers over my lifetime.  Among many other things, I have a broad and deep Master's degree in health and wellness research (health sciences), and a wide background in "alternative" nutrition and "alternative" healing.  I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a strong undergraduate background in electronics engineering and astrophysics as well, a graduate-level background in clinical psychology (psychotherapy), the health sciences and exercise, a graduate background in acupuncture (Five Elements, Worsley method) as well as the Master's degree as recounted above.  I have a strong avocational background in nutrition, antioxidant nutrition, heart-centered meditation, esoteric systems of energy healing, spiritual healing, and all kinds of alternative health research.  I own and operate, funded largely by myself, a small research laboratory in my home devoted to the following general areas of inquiry:

  • research on nutritional antioxidants known as the primal or primeval hydrogen ion antioxidants (the "negative hydrogen ion" antioxidant class) -- the nutritional supplement marketed as MegaH (aka MegaH-) is one example of this class
  • research on generation of negative hydrogen ions, for the purposes of supporting the above inquiries
  • occasional debunking of excessive claims for nutritional supplements made by some vendors (e.g., some claims made for "monatomic minerals or "White Gold"; also those made for some forms of "clustered water" or "structured water")
  • research on the anomalous behaviors of high-temperature gas plasmas in inert gases and in hydrogen
  • research on means of easily transmitting heart rate information without wires (wireless) from an individual to nearby (I have also developed and delivered prototypes for three such devices to researchers at Heartmath Institute) recording and analysis equipment for the purposes of identifying coherent or entrained heart states, indicative of certain "special" inner states
  • detection and analysis of, and research on, the above-mentioned coherent heart rate rhythms 
  • investigation of the effects of such coherent states ("generated" by an individual) on nearby electronic monitoring equipment -- these are mostly "subtle" effects, such as decreases in background levels of ionizing radiation, decreased emission of ionizing radiation from nearby radio-isotope sources
  • investigation of the "subtle" effects of healers (mostly myself!) on water and on various types of electronic monitoring equipment
  • development of tiny magnetic field transmitting devices which help to protect the wearer or those nearby from harmful effects of EMF from appliances, etc., and to help to "cohere" the rhythms of the body -- this class of devices is often referred to as "earth resonance generators" or "Schumann resonance generators"
  • effects of so-called Rife plasma healing devices, which employ a high-temperature glow discharge in an inert gas in (glowing) plasma tube, excited by radio-frequency (RF) and/or audio-frequency energy 
  • some of the above research has also connected neatly with my work as a spiritual healer, which often involves being in those coherent heart states as described above

If you wish to learn more about my background and about my scientific R&D and consulting work, please feel free to visit my Biography page on my main website.

And, for a Much Lighter View..

My Vinny Pinto Public Page at Facebook (aka Facebook "fan page"): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vinny-Pinto-Public-Page/284608972816/

Twitter page: http://twitter.com/Vinny111   

and Blog page: http://vinnysreflections.blogspot.com/

More Detail

My name is Vinny Pinto, and I currently reside in a wilderness area in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern U.S.  I have, from a very early age, walked through life with one foot in the logical and "linear" realms of the sciences and engineering, and the other foot in the worlds of mysticism, spirituality, and meditation, as well as energy healing and spiritual healing. Somehow, I have never had much trouble juggling and nurturing both the intuitive/spiritual and the more linear, logical and "scientific" aspects of my nature.  Indeed, as my inquiries have grown more and more in the past 7 years toward energy healing, spiritual healing, mysticism, and cutting-edge areas of the health sciences (raw foods diets, hydrogen-based primeval antioxidants, and heart rhythm coherence detection), I have found my firm background in logic, the sciences, and engineering to be of great benefit, as I am decidedly not at all "New Agey" or "spacy" in my approach to life, but rather grounded, down-to-earth and pragmatic. 

This section will offer some further detail on my background, training and interests.  Feel free to skip it if you wish, and jump ahead to the next section!  As mentioned briefly earlier, I have trained academically in the sciences, in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, and the related fields of health, wellness, aging and exercise, at the graduate level, earning a broad and deep Master's degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Western Pennsylvania in 1992. I have also trained, since 1979, in numerous energy healing systems and in various systems of alternative healing.  I have worked as an electronics design engineer, an engineering manager, as a scientific research consultant and adviser, a psychotherapist, a director of a busy walk-in and telephone crisis center, a health and behavioral health researcher, and a research/software development director in mental health services in the corporate world.  As a sideline, I became certified, via ACE, as a personal trainer in 1993, and worked as a personal trainer and exercise/fitness coach in the early 1990's.  I also trained as a pilot in the late 1970's, and passed examinations for my commercial pilot's license in 1980.

I have trained and practiced extensively over the years in the realms of spiritual healing, inner disciplines, meditation, intuition, heart-centered spirituality, energy healing and alternative healing and raw foods nutrition, and at times I have practiced, taught or coached many of these modalities. 

Drawing on my previous training (both practical and academic, including graduate-level studies) over many years in the sciences and electronics, I continue to spend a very small portion of my time in my privately-owned and operated non-profit research laboratory, performing research, much of it in the areas of the effects of deep heart-centered or healing states.  The primary focus of this research work is studying the physical effects of certain states which may be entered by a spiritual healer, heart-centered meditator, or mystic.  In brief, we know that many spiritual and energy healers, heart-centered meditators, and mystics, when they are in that "special" state of connectedness with God and Spirit, which we often call "increased coherence" or "high coherence", emit a "field" or "quality" which affects many physical phenomena around them.  Some of the physical effects of the states which seem to occur near spiritual healers and heart-centered meditators during these inner states, and which Vinny has investigated, include:

  • changes in the resistance of water
  • changes in properties of water, such as water cluster size, water structure, or other properties
  • significant reduction in certain types of background ionizing radiation (alpha, beta and gamma radiation)
  • reductions in ionizing radiation from point sources such as radioactive mineral samples
  • strong increases in "coherence", and reduction of true chaos (randomness), in nearby electronic circuits, sensors, special sensing devices, and computers
  • notable decrease in entropy (noise, decay, chaotic decay of order to disorder) near the healer or meditator.  This is usually manifested as reduced noise or randomness, and this constitutes a violation of some of the "rules" of thermodynamics
  • an increase in the "coherence" of the heart rate variability (HRV) of the healer or meditator as well as of any other person within 12 feet. This is basically the appearance of a very rhythmic pattern of heart rate variability (HRV) which has healthful effects throughout the organism, and also often results in a sense of peace and vastly increased intuition or intuitive access.
As briefly referenced earlier, my research work has also involved the remote detection of the coherent heart signal from the human body without the use of wires or radio-frequency (RF) links, usually via the LF or ELF electrostatic or magnetic component of the heart signal.  Lastly, I have been involved in research on primitive hydrogen-based nutritional antioxidants found in nature in some water sources and in raw plant and animal foods.

Contacting the Author

Please understand that I operate several websites, some of which are public-service educational websites, including:
As you may imagine, I receive numerous requests each day, usually via e-mail or phone, from folks asking me a few (or sometimes many....) questions in the realms of :
  • raw foods diets
  • raw diets which include raw animal foods
  • Paleolithic diets and nutrition
  • trace element nutrition
  • wellness
  • wellness and happiness coaching-- achieving greater flow, love and ease in live
  • alternative healing
  • coaching on managing or responding to chronic disease
  • primeval hydrogen antioxidants (scientific and nutritional)
  • gas plasma effects upon human well-being (scientific and alternative health)
  • Rife plasma healing devices
  • SAM (Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes), use in agriculture, livestock feeding, human use
  • ormus (aka monatomic, ormes, white gold) minerals as nutritional supplements
  • (scientific) spectroscopy, monitoring, surveying in the optical, near-IR, near-UV spectra
  • (scientific) spectroscopy and monitoring of ionizing radiation
  • (scientific) hydrogen generation

To contact the author, please click here to visit the contact page on my main directory website.

Consulting Services offered by the Author

Yes, I do offer some limited coaching and consulting on raw and partly-raw diets, particularly raw Paleolithic diets; I also offer consulting in a number of other fields as well. For information on my consulting/coaching services most closely related to raw Paleolitic diets, please click here to visit the Vitality and Well-being consulting page on my main directory website.

For an overview of all of my consulting, R&D and training services, please click here to visit the main consulting page on my main directory website.

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