Basic Guidelines on
Cleansing and Detoxification Reactions

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A RVAF diet seems to promote healing and cleansing throughout the body, and often-times promotes far more rapid cleansing than does even a raw vegan diet.  It appears that the animal proteins and animal fats serve to rather strongly accelerate some healing processes and especially many cleansing processes. Indeed, although even raw vegan diets are sometimes known for rather violent cleansing reactions in the early stages, many RVAF diets are notorious for cleansing reactions which may be extremely violent and uncomfortable at times.  Some of these cleansing reactions involve modes of dissolving and elimination of old stored toxins (or replacement of damaged tissue) which do not primarily employ microorganisms, while other internal modes of cleansing employed by the body seem to employ microorganisms, or "nature's cleanup crew". At varying times, these infectious cleansing processes may involve bacterial, fungal or viral infections.  In any case, it is quite well known that raw diets of all types tend to promote and enhance such rapid modes of cleansing within the body, and raw diets which include animal foods seem to promote such reactions even more violently than do raw vegan diets.  For some reason, the addition of raw dairy products to a raw diet seems to be by far the strongest catalyst in promoting violent cleansing reactions of all types, although fruits and olive oil, especially in combination with raw eggs, are also known to promote strong cleansing reactions.  However, as long as dairy is not involved, the cleansing reactions seem to be primarily of the non-infectious type (no microorganisms involved)

As far as really GROSS and GROADY detox reactions, my experience is that they occur, on the RVAF diets, almost exclusively with consumption of any of the following in significant quantity (all foods raw):

  •   dairy
  •   eggs combined with meats -- CAUTION: violent, almost never recommended
  •   eggs combined with liver -- moderately violent, often not recommended
  •   eggs combined with fruit
  •   eggs combined with olive oil  -- can be violent depending upon toxin load
  •   eggs combined with flax oil or peanut oil -- can be violent depending upon toxin load
  •   eggs combined with lots of dairy
  •   eggs in combo with any or all of above
  •   alcohol

It also appears that sunbathing can accelerate all types of healing and cleansing reactions as well for those on a raw diet.

Factors which tend to depress or ameliorate strong cleansing reactions include consumption of cooked meats, cooked fish, or cooked starches (breads, potatoes, etc.).  Indeed, some folks consume small amounts of cooked meat (especially chicken) once every four or five days to help keep cleansing reactions to a dull roar while on a RVAF diet.  However, it appears that is usually not necessary to eat cooked meats to avoid a heavy detox.  Rather, just avoid the combos and foods named above, and you should be OK. Conversely, if you wish to accelerate cleansing reactions, you may choose to indulge some of the foods or combos on the list above.

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