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You will find the following sections below:
  • Overview
  • My Own Practice and Notes
  • Side Note: My Supplement Intake in the Past - Before a RVAF Diet
  • Synthetic or "Dead" versus Live Concentrated Supplements
  • Live Food Concentrated Supplements
  • Sources and Vendors
  • Some Possible Benefits of Live Food Concentrated Supplements
  • Some Notes on Strange Elements as Possible Trace Minerals, such as Indium, Iridium and Monatomic or "Super Deformed Nuclei" Elements

  • Contacting the Author

My personal opinion and observation is that even if we eat a largely-raw diet which includes some animal foods, and from largely organic or wild-crafted sources, we will likely still need some nutritional supplements anyway, for each of the following reasons:
  • our modern soils, even that of many organic farms, may be partially or largely stripped of nutrients, particularly major minerals and trace minerals, due to over-farming of said soils over the past 100 years, and due to effects of acid rain and other airborne and rain-borne pollutants
  • our bodies are exposed to environmental stressors and toxins, and also lifestyles, which are  simply not the norm for the biochemistry dictated by our genes, and which were not the norm for our Paleolithic ancestors. We also tend to cheat on sleep and rest time, and many of us cannot fully relax.  This is all unnatural.   In other words, we have inherited bodies made for a Paleolithic era, and we are insisting instead upon "living life in the fast lane".

My Own Practices and Notes
Even though I have eaten a largely raw diet which includes some raw animal foods (a RVAF diet), and largely from organic or wild-crafted sources, for 2.5 years, I have found that my own body does best with some daily nutritional supplements.  I take the following every day:
  • vitamin C (usually ascorbic acid; usually 1 gram 2x/day)
  • vitamins A and D from fish liver oil
  • vitamin E, usually mixed tocopherols or such mixed with tocotrienols (usually 400 IU per day)
  • alpha lipoic acid, a naturally-occurring antioxidant (usually 100 mg. 2x/day in the mixed racemic form, simply because it is inexpensive and easily available)
  • MegaH (aka MegaH-), a source of the primitive primeval hydrogen antioxidant
  • electrolyzed reduced water, or ERW for short, again, as above, a source of the primitive primeval hydrogen antioxidant (amount depends upon strength of the ERW, measured usually in millivolts of (negative) ORP)
  • calcium and magnesium mineral supplement (usually carbonates or citrates; usually 2 grams/day)
  • boron (3 mg to 6 mg per day)
  • chromium, usually in the picolinate form (just because it is cheap and easily available; 400 mcg. per day)
  • selenium (usually as selenomethionine or from yeast; 400 mcg. to 800 mcg. per day)
  • vanadium (as vanadyl sulfate, 15 mg., usually twice per week)
  • several wide-spectrum natural mineral supplements, usually from ancient lakebed or seabed vegetations deposits -- these are usually from humic shale and montmorrilonite clay deposits in the West, and detailed lab tests which I have commissioned show that many of these supplements contain at least 77 different elements, which I personally feel that our bodies need in trace quantities for optimal functioning. Some of the brand names I use are: Mezotrace, Pascalite, Tracemin74 from New World Minerals, Coenzyme Minerals ("chelated colloidal from prehistoric vegetation in humic shale") from Enzymes International, Clark's colloidal minerals from TJ Clark)
  • sea vegetables such as kelp and dulse (a small amount in raw dried form)
  • indium (in the form of indium sulfate dissolved in water; about 1 mg. per day; this is largely redundant due to my supplementation with the forms of mineral supplementation discussed in the above two bullet items)
  • gold (usually in the form of atomic or small-cluster colloidal gold in water; this is largely redundant due to my supplementation with the forms of mineral supplementation discussed in the above two bullet items)
Speaking of the minerals I mentioned above... many are also available in powdered form.  I not only feed Azomite (or Elemite) rock dust to my chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese (I then yield the benefit in two ways: healthier and happier birds, plus live mineral enriched eggs), but my friends and I have also experimented with eating a teaspoon of the stuff every day.  Whenever I bake long-ferment sourdough breads, I throw in a teaspoon or two apiece of Pascalite and Azomite (Elemite) per 9 cups of flour to help feed the microorganisms and give them some neat trace elements to convert to a more "live" and active form.

Side Note: My Supplement Intake in the Past - Before a RVAF Diet
Back in the days when I was underweight, fatigued, and had CFS, Lyme and more than a bit of fibromyalgia (and also extremely frequent and severe colds and flus), and while I was on a good (not great) partially cooked diet (much Paleo, but also lotsa refined wheat), I took many more supplements than I do now, and among other things, I also took:
  •     NAC
  •     COQ10
  •     grape seed extract
  •     glutathione
  •     numerous other things in this vein....
and I even played with cutting-edge alternative nutritional products like:
  •     Cytolog
  •     Thymic Protein A (bovine extract)
  •     TLC - Thymic longevity Compound
  •      MGN3
  •      beta glucan and the mixed related glucans
  •      monatomic or ORMES minerals (more on these in a section below...)
  •      coral calcium (no, not the ones with synthetic Vitamin D added...)
  •      DMG
  •      calcium pangamate
  •      IP6
  •      Immunofin
  •      strange Ca and Mg preparations developed by Hans Nieper, MD
and a million others, as I knew of them all from my avid research work...

However, since going RVAF a couple of years ago, these health challenges largely dropped away, and then the remnant problems even more fully dropped away when I slid back from 100% RVAF to 80% to 85% RVAF with the rest being cooked meat (and, lately, a tad of good long-ferment sourdough bread...), and my need for any and all kinds of supplements concomitantly decreased.   However, until going on a RVAF diet, and this is no joke, my yearly expenditure for nutritional supplements was over $14,000 per year....  At the time, I considered this a small price to pay for the extra amount of wakefulness, vitality, alertness and energy they afforded me each day.  Nowadays, my supplement intake is incredibly tiny compared to my intake in those days.

Synthetic or "Dead" Versus Live Concentrated Supplements
Some raw foodists are fanatical about supplementing only with all-natural minerals concentrated from raw plant sources, versus "synthetic" supplements.  I largely agree, but, largely for economic reasons, I sometimes do use commercial "synthetic" vitamins such as the vitamin C or ALA discussed above, or human-made forms of chromium or vanadium, as discussed above.  However, I do prefer to get my nutrients only from live raw foods, or, as needed, only from "LIVE" nutritional supplements concentrated, with all their co-factors, only from live foodstuffs (usually simple plants).

Live Food Concentrated Supplements

I do far prefer to get my nutrients only from live raw foods, or, as needed, only from "LIVE" nutritional supplements concentrated, with all their co-factors, only from live foodstuffs (usually simple plants).  One example would be the strange and powerful "live crystal" form of B12 from Argos Biologicals, Ltd., or the live B12 available from Lifestar, which (company) will be discussed in more detail below. T
here are very few companies in the world making live-food concentrated nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, minerals and co-factors such as COQ10, and these supplements tend to cost a lot more, per milligram, than their commercial synthetic equivalents.  Of course, this "higher expense" is totally illusory, since personal experience and a review of the laboratory research shows that, per milligram, the bio-effects in the body of these live supplements is often 5 to 13 times greater than that of their "dead" and isolated synthetic counterparts, and often the half-life in the body (the half-life is the time before half of the stuff is gone from your bloodstream and tissues via elimination or conversion) of the live supplements is from three to ten times longer than with the synthetics.   A couple of good cases in point come to mind, and I will give these examples below, but first, a tiny and necessary detour about sources:

Sources and Vendors
Whenever I have purchased live, whole-food nutritional supplements, my choice over the past five years, after careful research (and from my unique vantage point of being both a scientist, a wellness consultant, and a healer with background in energy and spiritual healing), has been to purchase such supplements almost exclusively from a company in Arizona called Lifestar.  They carry an interesting line of live products, all grown live from plant cells, and concentrated with all their co-factors, with little or no heat; their products include vitamins, minerals, and a few cofactors, such as COQ10.  They call them "Living Food Concentrates" and "Organic Food Matrix Supplements". 

Lifestar may be reached at 928-202-4302 or 877 793-4191 (U.S. Mountain Standard Time); their website may be found at

Incidentally, when I do recommend nutritional products by brand to my wellness consulting clients, other than MegaH (aka MegaH-) (a source of the primeval primal hydrogen antioxidant) and some strange clay minerals, everything I recommend tends to be live foods concentrate supplements from Lifestar.  I noticed today that Lifestar also markets Mezotrace, a non-live multimineral supplement (from prehistoric mineral deposits) with some fascinating properties. I studied Mezotrace and a few similar mineral products in my lab a few years ago; I take Mezotrace myself almost every day. 

I recommend Lifestar's products highly, and have tried most of their live food concentrate supplements at one time or another, with great happiness.  Lifestar also produces and markets one other unusual "live" product, one which I used a lot in the two years before I went to a largely RVAF diet:  I had used this product in response to some health and energy challenges which I had been having (CFS, Lyme, etc.) before going raw.  This unusual product is produced from cow's colostrum, and is an "infopeptide" -- it acts as an immune response modulator -- and is marketed under the name Cytolog.  My girlfriend at the time (she ate a largely Paleo diet, but mostly cooked, and not much raw) had been staying here for a few days, and when she overheard me discussing Cytolog over the fone with a friend, she perked up and grabbed my research folder on Cytolog (with some results of research studies, and also lots of anecdotal reports of neat effects) from my library shelf.  To make a long story short, when she left the next morning for her home, she determinedly took with her -- with a big smile on her face -- my only remaining sealed bottle of Cytolog, which had been stored in the back of the fridge since early 2000.  I have even encountered raw organic grass-fed Old Order Mennonite dairy farmers (who usually eat a largely-Paelo, Sally Fallon-type diet) who go buy a bottle of Cytolog when they get a tooth abscess or the flu -- this even though they have an unlimited supply of fresh organic grass-fed raw colostrum at hand!  I really have no desire to talk more about Cytolog here, but if you wish more info on it, please go to Lifestar's Cytolog website at, or call Lifestar if you wish to ask questions.

Some Possible Benefits of Live Food Concentrate Supplements
All of which, having been said, now allows me to get back to my examples:
  • research shows that Lifestar's live-grown vitamin C, per mg. of vitamin C component, is over 11 times more powerful (antioxidant activity) than synthetic vitamin C (usually ascorbic acid) and lasts in the bloodstream and tissues many times longer
  • research shows that Lifestar's live-grown COQ10 (I am not sure if they have this on the market yet) is about 10 times more powerful than commercial synthetic COQ10, is more absorbable, and lasts far longer in the body.

Some Notes on Strange Elements as Possible Trace Minerals

Notes on Indium as a Nutritional Supplement
I personally love indium, and my only caveat is this: if your diet, like mine, is largely RVAF (raw vegetation and animal foods), there is no need to take anywhere near the amount shown on the label of most of the brands of nutritional indium supplements on the market, but only one-third to one-sixth the dosage, or even less.  It seems, based upon my own experience, that when we eat largely raw and Paleo, our bodies seem to uptake indium more efficiently, use it more effectively, and thus need less of it.  Further, we likely get ten to a hundred times as much indium in our diets as folks on a largely-processed and not-organic diet.  Interestingly, one of the really odd effects of taking indium (and we are here talking only about a milligram or two per day..., a tiny amount)  is that it seems -- according to Western scientific lab studies in the peer-reviewed literature -- to increase drastically the ability of the body and tissues to uptake and use many other trace minerals in the diet, including the Rare Earth elements (so much touted by Dr. Joel Wallach of "Dead doctors don't lie!" fame) and the platinum group (aka trans-platinum group) elements.  Many of us who use indium feel that this may be its single greatest effect, resulting in decreased sleep need, more energy, greater clarity and reduced Parkinsonian symptoms.  There are also some really strange anecdotal stories floating around about indium, attributing some near-miraculous healings of certain conditions from taking just a few drops under the tongue once; you can find these stories by doing a web search on indium as a nutritional supplement, if you wish.....  Several of us seem to have noticed that indium, as a tract nutrient, may also be involved in some strange way in increasing synchronicistic events in our lives.  For some odd reason, most people who take indium as a supplement seem to notice a drastic increase in synchronicity in their lives.

Notes on Iridium as a Nutritional Supplement
From time to time, I run into people who feel that they have received inner intuitive guidance to the effect that the element iridium would be a helpful nutritional supplement. I too have had this same inner sense more than once. Iridium (symbol Ir, element number 77 on the Periodic Table) is, like indium, a metal, and one of the rarer elements found in the earth's crust and our biosphere (our local environment: the topmost part of the earth's crust, the oceans, and the lower atmosphere and the life-forms within.) Until about the year 2005, I had never encountered an iridium-only nutritional supplement. Since then, any of several types of iridium-only supplements have appeared on the market at times, usually marketed as "colloidal iridium" or "ormus iridium", and I have occasionally played with using several of these iridium products as a nutritional supplement. And, of course, some natural-source clays and rock dusts used sometimes as mineral and trace element supplements contain a small amount of iridium, along with many other elements, as well. And several other types of nutritional supplements which include a broad spectrum of nutrients also claim to contain small amounts of iridium. Among the claimants are the several brands of blue green algae nutritional supplement products from Klamath Lake, and also many brands of "prehistoric colloidal minerals from ancient lake-bed vegetation deposits." My own series of lab tests which I commissioned have proven to me that some of these natural-source broad spectrum colloidal mineral products and esoteric clay mineral products from the Rockies and Western states do indeed contain small amounts of iridium.

Some Notes on So-Called Monatomic or Ormus or Super Deformed Nuclei Minerals or Elements
What follows is merely my own opinion....  I personally feel that there has been a lot of hype, intermingled with some truth -- on the Web and elsewhere -- about the whole class of nutritional mineral supplements variously called by the following names:
  • monatomic minerals
  • Ormus minerals
  • minerals with deformed nuclei or super deformed nuclei
  • manna minerals
I have done some research in this field for the past 7 years, and I played with a few of the ormus or monatomic nutritional supplement products a few years ago, and even ended up de-bunking some of the hyped myths about one brand of the stuff via the Web, and exposing some near-fraudulent claims, after interviewing a PhD scientist (Dr. Richard Breitbarth at Biophase in Northern New Jersey) who had supposedly run the lab tests proving the presence of "monatomic minerals" in a "monatomic" product, wherein he admitted a certain amount of chicanery, falsification and exaggeration in his results.  Strangely, one week after our last phone call, he was shot to death mob-style in his driveway in a fancy neighborhood (well, according to the Newark Star Ledger...) in New Jersey.  According to the news articles at the time, he was widely viewed as an arrogant, ruthless and dishonest businessman who had allegedly defrauded a number of past business partners, colleagues and customers, and there was supposedly a plethora of folks who would have wanted him dead.  For some odd reason, although I had approached him "cold" by telephone as an interested researcher, he granted me two or three phone interviews, in the months prior to his death, which helped me significantly in my research work as I tried to learn how much of the "monatomic" advertising claims were bunk and what was perhaps true.  

Bottom line: I do feel that the so-called deformed nuclei elements, especially those of the noble metal group (gold, silver, etc.) and trans-platinum group, can have some great benefit when taken as a nutritional supplement.  However, there still seems to be a lot of hype out there which goes WAY beyond my simple statement.... Further, many authors have intermixed their claims for physical effects of consuming these supplements with claims of all kinds of emotional, transpersonal and spiritual effects as well.  Some of these assertions can be literally impossible to independently validate, and thus I simply caution you, as in all other areas of life, to review the information available, but to make the final decision only with input from your heart and intuition.  Lastly, I have been doing some research in using some beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), often used to treat animal food, waste, and compost in organic farming, to convert minerals from various sources (molasses, rock dust, etc.) to monatomic (or ormus or super deformed nuclei) forms.  If you wish to read more about the SAM organisms and their uses in organic and sustainable farming, and also the research in using them for human health and for making ormus minerals, please check out my Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (SAM) website.

Contacting the Author

Please understand that I operate several websites, some of which are public-service educational websites, including:
As you may imagine, I receive numerous requests each day, usually via e-mail, from folks asking me a few (or sometimes many....) questions in the realms of raw foods diets, raw animal foods, wellness, alternative healing, coaching on managing or responding to chronic disease, primeval hydrogen antioxidants, gas plasma effects upon human well-being, Rife plasma healing devices, and health.  To answer each question and every questioner would consume all my time, and thus, I simply cannot afford to do so unless folks pay me a fee.  Charging a fee is a convenient and easy way of both setting limits on the volume of questions which I answer, while allowing folks to demonstrate their sincere appreciation and support for my work. 

Please refer to the Consulting Terms page on my main directory website,, for consulting rates and terms.

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