My Observations and Opinion
on Blood Type-based Dietary Schemas

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I am often asked what I think about blood type (ABO grouping, RH factor) dietary schemas which purport to tell people which foods to eat and which to avoid. Here, in brief, are my thoughts. This page will likely expand with the passage of time -- this is a work in progress!

Some Reservations
I, and others as well, have noted a number of apparent flaws with the blood type prescriptive schemas for diet, both in the cooked food realm and in the raw foods realms. I suspect that there is some truth to the idea that ABO blood types do broadly indicate which genetic subtype a person may belong to, but I believe that this schematic system is very broad and rather fuzzy, and, worse, obscures or ignores some important facts common to ALL blood types, such as the fact (in my mind, at least, as well as that of other RVAF diet theoreticians and practitioners), that the vast majority of persons (of any or all types) show little tolerance for non-Paleolithic foodstuffs, for almost all processed foodstuffs, for processed and refined oils, for pasteurized dairy, and for most cooked foods.

In 1996 through 1997, in two separate tests using urine Indican testing, I was able to demonstrate that although I was chronically (daily) eating large quantities of foods which are not, according to D'Adamo's book, suitable for my blood type, I showed no trace of urinary indoles (which would indicate undesirable fermentation in the lower GI tract), as repeatedly and strongly predicted by Dr. Peter D'Adamo in his book. I attempted to correspond with D'Adamo via his message board, about this discrepancy, but never received a response from him. Interestingly, my post to his board did elicit several private responses from others who had observed that their bodies simply did not react in the clockwork fashion to food as predicted by the "Recommended" and "Avoid" food lists for their blood types from D'Adamo's book. I have since heard a number of anecdotal, experience-based stories which tend to support what I had noticed.

I suggest you forget all about the blood type hoopla regarding vegetables, dairy and other things, and instead listen to your body and your intuition. I further suggest that most folks are better off eating a raw Paleolithic diet (a raw vegetation and animal foods diet, aka RVAF diet), or, if that is simply too much trouble, at least a partially-cooked Paleolithic diet, in order to avoid the foods to which almost all of us may react poorly, and to maximize consumption of foods suited for our bodies.

My estimation as a scientist, as well as an intuitive, is that D'Adamo's Blood Type schema is an almost-hopeless over-simplification -- with lots of concomitant errors -- of a complex fact that each of us has differing genetics, and that each of us reacts differently to certain foods. Unfortunately, I do not believe blood type to be a particularly reliable way of decoding those genetic preferences. However, for people eating cooked foods diets, I do believe that blood type schema can be a convenient starting point, and far better than no guidance at all, in helping to set up an initial diet. However, even here I recommend fine-tuning and tinkering based upon what your body really needs and wants, and what it does not want.

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