My Observations and Opinions on Clustered Water 
and Structured Water Additive Products 
This article addresses my opinions and thoughts on water additives which supposedly increase structuring or clustering of water to make it more bio-available and more healthful for humans to drink.  Further, I am frequently asked if I recommend specific brands of products which seem to increase the beneficial structuring and clustering of water. 

What Do These Products Do?
There are several products in this category, all of which involve adding a small amount (a few drops to an ounce) of an additive liquid to a gallon of water to make it supposedly more bio-available by changing its structure slightly.  Most of these products claim:

  • to increase the structuring of water, yielding "structured water"
  • to increase the clustering as well as reduce the size of the water clusters (sometimes called "microclusters")
  • concomitantly, to reduce the surface tension ("wetness" or "wettability") of the water
  • most claim that this reduced surface tension and smaller cluster size increase the bio-availability of the water, making it more like the water which our ancestors might have drank, and more like the "water" found in plants. 
  • most claim that due to the above effects, the product in question has a positive effect upon human health
These additive products are often known as "structured water" additives or "clustered water" additives.  Some of the vendors of these products appear accurate in their claims (as listed above) of increased structure, smaller clustering, and reduced surface tension, while it is my opinion that more than a few are indulging -- perhaps unawares -- in science-babel and pseudo-scientific jargon, or in mystical-sounding but meaningless jargon.  At least a few, according to most observers with scientific credentials, are apparently outright liars (or, at least, achieve the effects of the additive via highly questionable means).  Luckily the more fraudulent ones are not widely available nor widely advertised, and in any case, the claims made for the more questionable ones are so extravagant or silly that most folks would stop in their tracks before making a purchase anyway.  Some of the strange claims have been along the lines of:
  • "Developed by mystical holy men from an exotic foreign country in the Far East!"
  • "A few drops of this liquid can heal and repair an entire polluted lake or bay in minutes!"
  • "Heals cancer overnite"
  • "A few drops in your washer will clean your laundry without detergents"
  • "Recommended by a powerful spiritual teacher who is a walk-in of an advanced spirit/soul being from a million years ago and a distant far-away star system!" 
and ad nauseam... . . . .

There are several well-known websites, each written by PhD scientists (often older and retired), which purport to "debunk" the field of structured water and clustered water (and related things), but the few I have looked -- in my estimation -- all go way too far, and throw out the baby with the bathwater in simply condemning any and all claims about clustered/structured water (or energized water, or homeopathic patterns or imprints or information in water) as simply un-scientific and fraudulent.  In a way, it makes perfect sense; these authors often represent an older, very conservative, kinda "rear-guard" of the older paradigms in the physical sciences, and thus, to them, with their particular educational backgrounds and experience, this stuff must all seem like hogwash. Hence, they do not just single out the more grievous offenders, hoaxster, hucksters and purveyors of pseudo-science, but, rather, they condemn the entire field as nonsense. Such a position may have been an arguable defense within the sciences as the paradigms stood in 1979; but it is simply not workable anymore.

Further Thoughts and a Recommendation
I have done some research on water structure, among other things, and my testing shows that both Willard Water and Crystal Energy Concentrate (an early product developed by Patrick Flanagan, the inventor of MegaH™ (aka MegaH-™) [which came along later]), among others I have tested, really do achieve the changes which they claim to effect in the water.  Personally, when I do wish to use such an additive, I choose Flanagan's product (Crystal Energy Concentrate, aka CEC), and I have not used Willard Water for human consumption in a number of years.  It is probably fine for such use; I am simply following my own intuition as to what is best for me.  Someone else might have different preferences or a different intuitive sense.  Perhaps one thing, too, which has always bothered me about Willard Water is that the photos of Willard (senior) always have shown him looking really dehydrated and wrinkled (in my opinion), and I have sometimes wondered if that had anything to do with his avid consumption of his water.  The dehydrated appearance may indeed not have anything to do with his product, and likely the cause may simply have been his diet (likely a Standard American Diet or SAD), or to genetics, or both, but that has been a bit of a show stopper for me.  Since I have a better gut feeling about Flanagan's CEC, and since I like the ingredients (listed on the ingredients list) in CEC better than those listed for Willard Water, I choose to use CEC.  However, I want to stress that I have heard good things about Willard Water from users, just as I have about CEC.

However, I nowadays use such additives only rarely, because I eat an all-raw diet and also ingest both electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) and MegaH™ (aka MegaH-™) for their antioxidant effects (both products also exhibit the structural, clustering and surface tension properties listed above), and only when consuming water at times when I am not also mixing some MegaH™ (aka MegaH-™) or some electrolyzed reduced water (ERW, or "alkaline" water) with it.  Since MegaH™ (aka MegaH-™) and ERW achieve the same effect (plus offering the H- ion as an even more important bonus), frequent use of such products makes the use of such clustered water additives largely unnecessary. 

If you are interested in the mentions in the above article on the simple primeval antioxidants, the H-minus ion, alkaline ionized water and MegaH™ (aka MegaH-™), then you may wish to check out my Negative Hydrogen Ion website (off-site), which contains such articles and information in greater detail.

MegaH™ (aka MegaH-) is a registered trademark owned by Flantech Group.

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