Cellular Memory Healing System

A Path to Regeneration

a system taught by Marcus Daniels
Marcus Daniels,  an early and accomplished instructor of Body Electronics, has also deeply studied Rolfing, connective tissue work and Tibetan energetic and spiritual traditions, and has formulated his own system of healing called Cellular Memory Regeneration, which he teaches.  What appears below is an excerpt from a recent informational paper by Marcus on his system.

Excerpt from article begins:

Advanced States of Healing
  by Marcus Daniels

  (This article is a discussion of the theories and principles of advanced states of healing and how to access them.)

Over the past 15 years, I have treated a variety of clients. A brief case study of two of them illustrates the process of advanced states of healing.  Three years ago, a woman came to me who had been trying for a year to get pregnant without success. In the first session, massage and energy work was done around her pubic bone and inner pelvis. In the second session, while we were talking, I saw in her energy field a word pattern connected to an old memory: "Mommy doesn't love me because I'm a bad girl."

I asked her if she felt safe enough to try an experiment. She agreed. She was instructed to place her hand on her jeans, over her vagina. In one ear I whispered, "You're a good girl", and then in her other ear, "You're a bad girl." This continued for 20 minutes, after which she began to have a release, expressing her anger and sadness. She was re-experiencing a time when her mother had berated her for having sex at too young an age. We finished the session. That week she became pregnant, and nine months later she gave birth. The emotion of guilt had been blocking her from becoming pregnant.  As she relived the experience, she released the guilt, and thus the blockage.  During a class session, a man began to experience physical pain. He was holding onto fear and resistance. As he became willing to love the pain and the resistance, he felt like his head was going to explode. As the session progressed, he began to have the memory of his actual birth, and the experience of being a forceps delivery. At this exact moment, the forceps marks appeared on his skull. (This is physical imprinting of a repressed memory). Once this memory was fully realized, he immediately moved into an   experience from high school. He was playing baseball, slid into third base, and broke his ankle. As he relived the memory with full feeling, he actually experienced the shock and numbness of the broken bone. His ankle then re-cracked into a new position within this session, releasing the trauma and gaining greater mobility of the joint. This case illustrates how the activation of one suppressed memory can trigger off many others.

Let's begin by stating the obvious. We live in a physical body, and so it is the body that is the main vehicle or key to accessing all levels of healing.  There are many other wonderful vehicles with which to heal, but until they  are integrated with the body, they will not give rise to our greatest potential as human beings. Our body is a library that stores all the records of our relationship with everything: emotions, thought patterns, memories, energy Systems etc. The phrase coined for this library of records is Cellular Memory (C.M.).

The most important relationship that can he accessed through CM is one's connection to the spirit. As we make a physical connection with spirit, we come in contact with the most powerful healing force of all - unconditional love. This connection happens by feeling.  Inside our being is the full spectrum of emotions, from grief and anger, to boredom to joy - from numb unconsciousness to the enthusiasm of love. As life experiences give rise to an emotional state, a very interesting process occurs. We are actually given the choice to feel or not to feel, and how much to feel as well. The more we choose to feel, whatever the emotion is, the more we are actually feeling with love. This is because universal law dictates we cannot feel anything without first feeling love. So as one resists the feeling of the particular emotion that is present, one is also resisting love, and moving into unconsciousness. This resistance causes a person to shut down the heart and body, which are the sensory organs for feeling, and move into the intellectual/rational being.

Once in the intellect, we are no longer purely feeling. We only think we are feeling. This is where all our emotions get looped into thought patterns. A  traumatic story can be retold a hundred times, with the teller trying to work through the pain and reaction, but not until this experience is truly felt in the present moment can there be true healing and freedom from the negative pattern.

What does being in the moment mean? As we go through a moment of experience in total awareness, we are allowing whatever will be to exist. If we are looking for something to happen, or trying to make something happen, we are not in the moment. If in the moment, for example, angels arise and we attach judgment to this, we have knocked ourselves out of the moment. Fear will also shut us out of being in the moment. Being able to embrace any feeling, without fear, judgment or guilt, will open the gate to both healing and the growth of consciousness.

Let us explore the dynamics of fear and its block to healing and consciousness. Fear is a state of mind that exists when we cannot feel our love. Fear exists in every suppression of an emotion, memory and thought pattern. In order to feel an old anger pattern; we must embrace the fear of feeling angry. Once we open ourselves to feel this fear, it means that unconditional love is present, and healing is activated.

By activating the suppressed feelings, memories and thought patterns that are locked in the unconscious mind and body, we are bringing the unconscious to conscious-ness. Through the process of truly feeling in the moment, we are becoming conscious. The healing equation can be said to be summarized as: consciousness equals feeling, and feeling equals love. The highest state of consciousness is the highest state of feeling pure, unconditional love. As consciousness grows, the reactive patterns that are held in the physical body diffuse. The continuing progression of reactive patterning becomes disease. Therefore, in the highest state of consciousness, disease cannot exist.

As we activate higher states of healing, our bodies will want to go unconscious. This unconsciousness can take the form of physical and mental numbness or actually going asleep. At this point, we must take charge and demand from ourselves to stay in the present. By embracing our unconscious patterns and staying committed to our love/feeling process, all suppressed  feelings, memories and thought patterns will come to the surface.

With the surfacing of these feelings in the therapeutic process often comes a sense of physical heat. This heat melts the holding patterns in both the physical and emotional bodies. There is a law of healing, which states that as tension goes through a block, it produces heat. This is the heat of unconditional love dissolving the blocks that hold it back.


The only reason the past can repeat itself is because there is a part of its experience that has not been fully felt - without reaction or judgment. As we work through past traumas and lovingly embrace the feelings that arise in the present experience, we can forgive ourselves and those involved with the experience. This full feeling memory, both psychically and physiologically, will open the channel to lose the reactive energy charge. When this charge becomes neutral, this part of life can be fully assimilated, bringing us back into one being.

The anticipation of the future brings its own unique set of circumstances.  The fear of the future inhibits an individual's ability to let go and enter an advanced healing state. There are several core fears, or sub fears, that are encoded into our total make-up as human beings. One is the fear of death. This may also be understood as a death of the ego and our identity with the world. Even though an individual may not have a conscious thought about fearing death, this fear exists as a deep feeling, or conditioning pattern.
The activation of this dying process in therapy in itself is a type of rite of passage to feel our spiritual/divine presence.

Some people have a fear of becoming crazy when they start to let go.  This  fear is worse than the fear of dying, because it means we are stuck in limbo, unable to escape the craziness even through death. The third most common sub-fear is the fear of exploding into a violent rage - even of murdering - because the dark side of our personality no longer has boundaries.

Once we can move into the many spaces of fear with safety and love, we can surrender to the inner healing power of the divine. As we expand into the light, we also expand into the darkness. The more light there is, the more darkness there is. Any fear is ultimately the fear of letting go into these many aspects of oneself. This very powerful, and multi-layered, mechanism called fear resides in every pain and contraction of the body.

When an individual becomes stuck in his/her pain, any healing technique that uses awareness touch will activate the love and safety necessary to surrender deeper. Within healing modalities, to touch is to love. This process will also activate the surfacing of any suppressed experience, and so again we  have the opportunity to move into a higher state of healing.

As we live in the physical body, it is the body itself that is the key to all levels of healing. By working with the physical body, we can access every process necessary to bring about advanced states of healing. . .

End of excerpt from article by Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels is Director of the Lung Ta Institute. He is a specialist in body therapies and cell memory activation.

Over the last 15 years, Marcus Daniels has been teaching and practicing this level of healing. His own educational background includes connective tissue therapy, polarity therapy, acupuncture, body electronics, cellular memory therapy, and many years of retreat and study with the Tibetan Buddhists and other spiritual lineages.

Marcus Daniels teaches workshops and sees clients in North Carolina, New Hampshire and New Jersey. Telephone sessions are also available. He gives individual sessions at the Lung Ta Institute.

He is available by appointment or for scheduling information by contacting him via email.

e-mail address:  lungta@mindspring.com,  or click here to send Marcus an e-mail 

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