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As a refresher, the raw traditional diets which include raw animal foods have appeared under a number of names:

Primal Diet, a later name coined by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, author of the book, We Want to Live

Raw Animal Foods Diet, also known as RAF or RAFD (this broad term usually denotes any of these diets or systems)

Raw Vegetable and Animal Foods diet, also known as RVAF (this broad term usually denotes any of these diets or systems)

Raw Plant and Animal Foods diet, also known as RPAF (this broad term usually denotes any of these diets or systems)

Raw Paleolithic Diet, also known as RPD, a broad term primarily used by the current author

In Europe, such diets have flourished under the names Instincto Diet and Anopsology, both founded by Guy-Claude Berger, a controversial figure in France

A movement with some roots in Instincto diet, including an intentional community and group of farms, is called Pangaia

A raw foods diet which includes some raw animal foods is one of four principal pillars of a natural healing system called Body Electronics

Vic Irons, the health food, supplement and colon-cleansing guru of the 1950s and 1960s, recommended a RAF diet as optimal

Several of the advocates of the partially-cooked Paleolithic, Caveman and Paleothin diets have stated that one improvement which could be made to their system would be to find good-quality meats and eat them raw rather than lightly cooked

Natural Hygiene (NH or NHN), a rather restrictive raw vegan dietary system, actually has some variants, particularly the NHN systems of Dr. Bass, Dr. Fielder and Dr. Cursio, which advocate eating a small percentage of raw animal products

E-mail List Groups Devoted to RAF/RVAF Diets

The Live-food list at Yahoo Groups is devoted to largely-raw, and largely-Paleo RVAF (aka RAF) diets, aka raw Paleolitic diets.

The Live-food list covers any and all RVAF diets, and thus is rather broad in scope and content, and far wilder and woollier than any lists devoted solely to one particular diet, such as to the Primal Diet.  The list usually gets from 4 to 9 posts per day, with occasional dips and peaks.  Signup boxes and links for the list group appears below, along with a brief description of the group.

Signup Box and Page for the Live-Foods List

Live-foods e-mail List

The Live-Food list is the oldest list which is devoted to largely-raw and largely-Paleo RVAF (aka RAF) diets in general.  It is a broad list which allows discussion of any of the RVAF diets, fine-tuning thereof, and limited debate about the underlying principles of RVAF diets.  This is primarily a list for folks eating RAF/RVAF diets, and not a list for skeptics and debunkers to try to attack the principles of such a diet.

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