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The primary purpose of this site is to provide information, articles and links on largely-raw traditional diets which include raw animal products along with raw plant (vegetation) products. Such diets have been repeatedly implicated in helping people (and animals) to achieve:

  •        rapid recovery from chronic disease
  •        rapid recovery from illness
  •        greater health and vitality
  •        greater stamina and robustness
  •        normalization of body weight (gain for those underweight, loss for those overweight)
My Mission in Presenting This Site

My mission in presenting this site (it has been on the air since about 10/2000) is to offer an educational and balanced, decidedly non-missionary introduction to Paleolithic (so-called "caveman") diets in general, and especially to the largely-raw versions of these diets. You will find no fanaticism, no rigidity, no over-zealousness on these pages, and no judgments of people or diets which do not conform the diets presented here, although you may find some ample -- and sometimes silly or crazy -- humor.   Please enjoy this site; feel free to explore it fully! I firmly believe that there is no place for fanaticism, fundamentalism, sanctimoniousness or rigidity in diet or lifestyle.  While I personally choose to eat a largely-raw Paleolithic diet, I willingly and lovingly allow my fellow humans the freedom to pick and choose whatever diet and lifestyle works for them.

My background? I have had a number of careers over my lifetime. Among many other things, I have broad and deep Master's degree in health and wellness research (health sciences), and a wide background in "alternative" nutrition and "alternative" healing. To see a more complete "About the Author" page, including my resumes, please click here. To contact the author, please click here.


Traditional, Largely-Paleolithic Raw Foods Diet

For most of us, it seems that our nutrition -- what we eat and drink -- plays a key role in determining much of our health and vitality, and, often, the amount of freedom and options in our lives.

As someone with a lifelong experience and training in modalities of natural healing, and with a Master's degree in a health-related field, it is my opinion and experience that the vast majority of us, likely over 99 percent of us, do not thrive on a Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in cooked and processed foods and refined sugars. Rather, the vast majority of us seem to do best on a more traditional diet, far closer to what our ancestors ate, and far more suited to the biochemistry which our genes designed for our bodies. Such a traditional diet may be eaten either raw or partially-cooked. The partially-cooked version (often called the Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet) excludes any processed or refined foods as well as any foods which entered the human diet only in the past few thousand years. Thus, such a diet excludes grains, beans, legumes, sweet fruit juices, overly sweet fruits, and all processed and refined oils. Such a traditional diet must also include some raw fruits and vegetables and will also include some animal products, often including some raw animal products as well. Such a diet usually allows small amounts of cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil as the only pourable "vegetable oil". The best single reference source on the web for diets of this type (often fully or partially cooked), and one which includes links to many other related paleolithic diet sites, is the PaleoDiet website (off-site link.)

Many of us, myself included, seem to have done far better by going one step further than the partially-cooked traditional diet (also called Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet ) described above, and eating such a diet all raw. In this dietary system, all plant and animal products are eaten fresh and raw, just as our early ancestors did before the advent of widespread cooking, and, of course, before food processing. Such a diet seems to drastically accelerate healing and recovery from chronic diseases and other illnesses far beyond that seen with the partially-cooked traditional diets. There are several systems or philosophies which govern such a diet. All, or almost all, also stress the importance of drinking a sizable quantity of fresh and raw green juices daily. Incidentally, some folks (a minority) seem to do well on a purely vegan (all-plant food) raw foods diet, but the majority seem to eventually suffer some problems unless they incorporate some animal foods or at least animal fats in their diet. There are a number of systems, authors, popularizers and books advocating an all-raw diet which is essentially Paleolithic and which includes animal foods. Click on the link immediately below for an overview of these systems, and also an introduction to acronyms, terms and names associated with these diets.

An overview of the systems, advocates and books which advocate raw diets which include raw animal foods --  This on-site link will give you an overview of terms such as raw animal foods diets, raw vegetation and animal foods diets and also raw paleo diet, acronyms such as RAF, RVAF, RPAF and RPD, diets such as Primal Diet, Instincto, Anopsology, Pangaian, Traditional Diet, Weston Price Diet, Traditional Diet, Native Nutrition, Paleolithic Diet, Body Ecology Diet, Caveman Diet, Natural Hygiene, Vitarianism, Paradisian Essene Diet, Essene Diet, Essene Diet of Jesus, Eco-Eating, Body Electronics, the Gerson Diet, and even hate-filled white supremacist raw foodists.  Moreover, you will become acquainted with advocates and authors such as Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Johnny Lovewisdom, Wai Genriiu, John Tilden, Ronald Schmid, Vilhjalmur Steffanson, Guy-Claude Burger, George Goodheart, Paavo Airola, Sapoty Brooke, John Ray, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, Sally Fallon, Weston Price, Donna Gates, William Kelley, Hilarion, Master Harpo, Arnold DeVries and Walter Last.
Articles and Research on Raw Paleolithic Diets on this site:

My Recommendations and Opinions on Raw Vegetable Juice -- which juicer to use, tips on making juice, suggestions on vegetables to use, and storage suggestions.

How Long Will Fresh Raw Vegetable Juice Keep its Nutritional Value Under Refrigeration?
This set of articles includes recommendations on storage, containers, and the use of unique antioxidants to lengthen useful life of nutrients in raw juice.
Summary In Plain English -- Summarizes some current recommendations, along with the study below and some previous studies on raw juice storage
Research Study -- A Measure of Oxidative Degradation Over Time of High-quality Fresh Raw Vegetable Juice Stored Under Refrigeration: A Comparison of Refrigerated Stored Untreated Raw Juice with Raw Juice Treated with a Hydride (H-)-donor Antioxidant (MegaH), measured across time.

Getting Started: A Brief Guide on How to Get Started on a Raw Paleolithic Diet
Includes basic guidelines and lists of do's and don'ts. What is usually allowed, and what is usually prohibited.

My Typical Daily Diet -- A sample menu of my meals, nutritional supplements and snacks for one day, while eating such a diet. Beware, my diet shifts and evolves continually, as I am not a rigid person! Thus, this "typical diet" page is usually somewhat obsolete as soon as I publish it!

Nutritional Supplements -- I take nutritional supplements, as I always have, but far less than in the days before eating a largely-raw Paleo diet... Some few RVAF systems, notably the Primal Diet, disapprove of taking nutritional supplements. To learn more of my views and practices in the area of nutritional supplements and raw diets, please see the page on this website entitled Some Notes on Nutritional Supplements in Raw Diets.

Comments on Raw Dairy Foods -- My observations on their place in a RAF/RVAF diet. These are my opinions only. I feel that people vary widely in their ability, based upon genetics, to handle raw dairy, especially milk and yogurt. 
Some Observations on Fundamentalism and Rigidity in RVAF Diets and Raw Diets in General -- Some observations from the author of this site on rigidly prescriptive raw foods diets, including especially some of the raw diets which embrace raw animal foods (such as raw meat, raw fish and raw eggs). The author compares the fundamentalist approaches with systems and world views which are more empowering, and allow folks to develop reliance upon their own intuition and the signals from their bodies.
A Brief Look at the Claims and Stories about Iris Color Change toward Blue from Dark Iris Colors After Switching to Raw Foods Diets -- This article briefly examines claims of iris color change toward lighter colors with healing and cleansing of the body of old toxins. 

Cleansing Reactions and Foods Which Accelerate Cleansing -- Cleansing and healing reactions and symptoms, and RVAF foods which vastly accelerate cleansing.  Touches briefly upon the idea of parasites and bacteria as beneficial cleansing allies, or "nature's cleanup crew".

Fatigue, Lethargy and Sleepiness in Early Stages of Raw Diets Due to Healing and Cleansing Reactions -- Many folks starting raw foods diets, and particularly RVAF diets, experience a period of heavy fatigue and sleepiness early in the diet as the body heals and cleanses.

A Quick Comparison Chart of Some Relevant RAF/RVAF Diets -- Commonalities, Contrasts, Emphases, Prohibitions, even a bullshit (BS) factor scale. This chart is bound to step on the toes of some folks, but offers a clear summary overview of the features of each major RVAF or near-RVAF (and sometimes part-RVAF) dietary system

Results of a Physical Exam by a Physician 8 Months After I Started a RVAF Diet -- excerpted from a series of emails I sent in late December 2000 and early 2001 to the Live-Foods list, regarding my gains in physical health and appearance since starting a RVAF diet.

Some Notes On Parasites (in mammal meat and fish), Including One True Story -- A true story of a rather radical raw foodist author (an advocate of Instincto/Anopsology) who suffered severe trichinosis in 1997 due to eating the liver of a wild carnivore. Apparently one of the few stories know in the raw foods eating world of a RVAF diet adherent suffering any kind of adverse parasitic "infection".

Brief Thoughts on Blood-Type Dietary Schemas -- I am often asked what I think about blood type (ABO grouping, RH factor) dietary schemas which purport to tell people which foods to eat and which to avoid. Here, in brief, my thoughts. This is a work-in-progress!

My Observations and Opinion on Dental Regeneration With Natural Healing Modalities, Including RVAF Diets -- I have often been asked what I think about, or know about, dental regeneration as a result of natural healing modalities, particularly raw foods diets (both vegan and those which include animal foods.)  Dental regeneration may include spontaneous self-repair of dental caries (cavities, both new and those already restored with "fillings") as well as complete regrowth of missing teeth.

Suitability of Frozen Cascadian Farms Organic Berries for Use by Raw Food Eaters -- Many of us who like to eat berries year-round must often rely upon frozen berries. Most of us have been using Cascadian Farms berries because they are organic and seem to be of high quality. However, a number of folks in the raw foods world had also begun expressing doubts about the quality (mainly: are they truly unheated?) of Cascadian Farms (CF) berries, largely because of fears that quality control may have been compromised by their recent purchase by General Mills.

Pleomorphism -- a quick look at the theories of pleomorphism (shape-changing) among microorganisms, along with resources for further information. Also examines the entire issue of "bugs" (microorganisms) versus terrain as causative factors in so-called "infectious" illness. Includes an overview on the beliefs about  infectious illnesses common to a number of RAF/RVAF Diets, namely, that inner biological terrain has primacy, and that "infections" by microorganisms are simply due to imbalances in the inner terrain.

Addressing Rumors and Myths Which Have Been Circulating About Sprays and Coatings on Organic Produce -- In late 2000 and early 2001, rumors started circulating in the raw foods world, especially among Los Angeles-area raw foodists, and especially among eaters of RVAF diets that the organic produce from Whole Foods/Fresh Fields was coated by petro-chemical waxes and oils, and that some of the petrochemical coatings were applied by Whole Foods personnel in the produce aisle. This article reports on research done by the author to get to the truth and dispel rumors and myths.

My Observations and Opinions on Clustered Water and Structured Water Additive Products -- This article addresses my opinions and thoughts on water additives which supposedly increase structuring or clustering of water to make it more bio-available and more healthful for humans to drink.

What You Need to Know About Oxygen Free Radicals, ROS and Oxidative End-Products -- (page still under development -- please excuse rough edges!)  Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Advanced Glycolization Endproducts (AGEs), lipofuscin square off against the antioxidants.

Articles and Research on my H-minus-ion site:

The Negative Hydrogen Ion -- The negative hydrogen ion (H- ion) is a powerful primitive, primeval, primal, primordial and primary antioxidant found in all raw, unprocessed foods (plant and animal) and in many "wild" unprocessed, untreated water supplies (glacial runoff water, high altitude wells and springs, some deep wells, etc.)  It was the original antioxidant for life forms on earth, and is likely the single most optimal antioxidant for life forms. It is destroyed or driven off by heat and processing. Our ancestors got a lot of this ion in their diets; we modern ("civilized") folk often get very little in our diets. This off-site article, at another site created by this author, describes the antioxidant properties of the primal antioxidant (aka the primeval antioxidant), the negative hydrogen ion (H- ion) -- found in ionized (reduced) alkaline water (also called Electrolyzed Reduced Water or ERW) and in MegaH (aka MegaH-). This site also describes foods and other nutrients (as well as supplements) which contain the H - primitive (primal) antioxidant.

Why Does So-Called Alkaline Ionized Water Seem to Improve Health?
and Why Does So-Called Acidic Ionized Water Act As a Disinfectant?

The manufacturers and vendors of most brands of water ionizers claim that the so-called alkaline ionized water, or "alkaline water" from their water ionizers improves health in a number of ways, and most of them attribute this benefit rather vaguely to the alkalinity of the water and its supposed effects in "alkalinizing" the body. Some vendors go even further and claim that the alkaline water will provide abundant quantities of calcium and other "alkalinizing" minerals for the body. 

Likewise, many of the same vendors claim that the acid water from the ionizers has powerful disinfectant properties when used on skin, on plants and on surfaces to be cleaned, and most of them claim that this property is somehow due to the acidity of the water. What is the reality? Do alkaline water and acid water from ionizers really do what is claimed? If so, how do they achieve those effects? Click on the above on-site link to learn more!

Picking and Using Commercial and Household Water Ionizers -- A brief guide to commercial and household water ionizers, some guidelines for purchase and use, and an introduction to ORP meters. These devices produce alkaline ionized water, better called  Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW), which contains copious quantities of the negative hydrogen ion (H- ion), a powerful primary, primordial, primal, primeval  and primitive antioxidant.

Further Notes on Water Ionizers, Filtration, and Ultra-Strong Electrolyzed Reduced Water -- This informational article offers further notes on countertop water ionizers, filtration of water in the ionizers, and consumption of alkaline or reduced electrolyzed water, including consumption of ultra-strong electrolyzed reduced water with an ORP stronger than -600 mv., and, in many cases, with an ORP stronger than -790 mv.

Vinny is a multi-disciplinary scientist and engineer with extensive experience plus undergraduate-level training in electrical engineering and physics, and with a graduate degree (Master's) in the sciences. However, he is also, first and foremost, a mystic and a spiritual healer and spiritual guide/teacher. He lives his life in surrender to Divinity, and has been given a Divine gift wherein he serves as a window for Divine love and grace into this world. At the request of Divinity, Vinny has created a webpage on his spiritual healing website that gives page visitors a chance to receive, free-of-charge, some of the flow of Divine love and grace. You are welcome to visit this page at http://www.divine-heart.org/love-grace.html

Syntropic Antioxidative Microbe (SAM) site, at http://sam.vmicrobial.info -- for home, garden, farm, livestock, and even raw foods diet. Information on beneficial syntropic (aka negentropic or anti-entropic) antioxidative microbes. These microbial consortia produce antioxidant and regenerative substances under fermentation, and serve a myriad of uses in waste remediation, agriculture, animal health, human health, and industry.

Looking for an Email List Group on SAM (Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes)?

Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (SAM): Probiotic Microbes (VP) / https://groups.io/g/sam-probiotic-microbes-vp/ – this group encompasses and subsumes topics covered by my legacy SAM-Applications and SAM-Ormus list groups at Yahoo Groups.

SAM Probiotic Microbes (VP)
This list group is a continuation of the SAM-Applications and SAM-Ormus legacy list groups at Yahoo Groups that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of the highly beneficial probiotic microbes known as syntropic antioxidative (and often anti-entropic) microbes, aka SAM, and particularly the near-magical probiotic microbial group known as purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), particularly Rhodopseudomonas palustris. You may learn far more about SAM microbes at the website that Vinny has created about SAM microbes by clicking here.

While the name and description of this list group are publicly listed at Groups.io and on search engines, all posts sent to the list group are private and are viewable by list group members only. This is a moderated list group. Further, all applicants wishing to join the list group must state their reasons for wishing to join along with their name and general location, and all posts sent to the list group must be signed with the poster's first and last name in order to be published. We do not tolerate hate posts, and we do not tolerate trolls, nor troll posts.

To join this group, click the "join" link from the group's home page at:

Or send an email to:

More Articles and Research on this site:

Some Notes on Keeping Happy Healthy Chickens and Other Poultry in Your Backyard -- The page is still evolving, but... In my yard I have about 20 chickens (and a few ducks, geese, turkeys, Bantams and guinea fowl), which I keep primarily as pets and for eggs (I do not eat any of the birds.)  The purpose of the webpage is to share some of my experiences and successes in keeping my birds happy, healthy and well,  with some notes on caring for them with sustainable near-organic (or even beyond-organic) environmentally-friendly methods. 

An Overview of Body Electronics: Effectiveness and Controversies -- A raw foods diet which includes some raw animal foods (as well as some supplements) is one of four principal pillars of a natural healing system called Body Electronics (BE). This system has been labeled by several natural health writers (including Roy Kupsinel, MD) as one of the most powerful natural healing systems in the world. BE was founded by the late John W. Ray, ND, in the 1950's and early 1960's in Northern Wisconsin. However, BE has also been rather controversial at times, primarily due to some misadventures of it's founder, John Ray. Read more about it at this on-site page.

Elvis Presley was really a raw foodist eating a RVAF diet -- and is still alive and youthful today in a Baltimore suburb, after faking his death years ago. Oops, sorry! I am lying, I think... I will stoop to anything to get people to read this silly stuff! Don't click the link -- it actually takes you offsite to HELL (hell.com!)

My Sungazing Site:

Sungazing, aka sun gazing, solar gazing or sun staring
-- Yes, staring at the sun, also known as sun gazing or solar yoga; this has been practiced throughout the ages within a number of cultures and traditions. I (the author of this site) have been sungazing since 1987. For more information on sungazing, including some well-known folks in the field and also the different traditions, please see the page on this website entitled Sungazing -- Observations and Notes

Upcoming Articles:

Sunbathing -- important for most people who wish to maximize or accelerate healing.

Evidence of Increased Mineral Needs During Accelerated Healing.

RVAF diets and gray hair -- there is some limited anecdotal evidence that RVAF diets allow some delaying or reversal of gray hair.

RVAF diets and baldness -- there is some limited anecdotal evidence that RVAF diets allow some delaying or reversal of baldness, but the effect does not usually seem to be particularly strong.

Resources for Folks Eating RAF/RVAF Diets:

RVAF Email List Groups -- There are three email list groups, each described in this on-site link, which are devoted to the various RAF/RVAF diets, one with an emphasis only on the Primal diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, one of them with at least some emphasis upon the Primal Diet (aka RAF diet), and another totally broadband. There is a fourth list devoted to paleolithic diets -- both cooked and raw -- which offers some coverage of raw paleolithic diets as well.

Mail-Order Sources of Organic Grass-fed Raw Cheese. By the way, if your raw organic grass-fed dairy needs are for aged ripened (cave-ripened) raw (organic and grass-fed) cheeses with rinds, you may order such cheese via phone/mail from a distributor for a Lancaster County, PA Amish artisan cheese dairy, by clicking here for Tom's Amish Dairy Products website

Off-site Links to Other Resources for RVAF Diet Eaters:

The All Raw Times website covers almost all aspects of raw diets, including raw foods diets which include animal products. While not a primary source, but rather more of a reporting medium, you will almost always find at least a few articles on RAF/RVAF diets at this site.

While not a primary source, but rather a quarterly magazine devoted to raw foods diets, Natural Health Many-To-Many (M2M) magazine explicitly includes coverage and articles of raw foods diets which include animal products.

Ward Nicholson's Beyond Vegetarianism (aka "BeyondVeg") website, largely founded by raw foodists and ex-raw foodists, aims to look at diets which are more inclusive than raw vegan diets. While many of the possibilities examined are RVAF dietary approaches, there is also some advocacy of cooked Paleolithic diets at this site. In the site author's own words:
"Beyond Vegetarianism: transcending outdated dogmas. Reports from veterans of vegetarian and raw-food diets, veganism, fruitarianism, and instinctive eating, plus new science from paleolithic diet research and clinical nutrition."

Already listed in links above on Paleo diets, The Paleolithic Diet website covers all types and versions of Paleolithic diets, including both cooked and raw, and anything in-between. This is a very comprehensive website, with literally hundreds of good links to sites and pages on these topics, including wild foraging, Paleo recipes and more. In the site author's own words: "www.PaleoDiet.com - The Paleolithic Diet Page; What the Hunter/Gatherers Ate"

The "Free World Order" maintains a Raw Foods Directory website which contains links to many raw foods pages and sources, including a number on RAF/RVAF diets.  However, (just like you!) I too am wondering what the "Free World Order" is, but their "information" page is an empty page, and thus I have little idea of their agenda!

The Living and Raw Foods website is a large educational website devoted primarily to vegetarian raw foods diets. However, this site also has a Personal Ads section, and in there, one (hopefully single!) can find ads from folks who run the gamut from raw vegan to fully-RVAF. On a bit of a strange note, although this site requires that folks who post or use personal ads must certify that they eat at least 85% raw, every woman who has contacted me thru this service in response to a personal ad has eaten a largely cooked diet! The site is known both as RawFoods.com and Living-Foods.com. Click here to visit living-foods.com

There is now an Australian site devoted to RVAF diets and to helping folks in Australia locate raw foods sources. The website is named Live-Foods Australia -- click here to visit

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
is an educational website devoted solely to raw foods diets of all kinds, although primarily vegan raw foods diets.

 Lastly, if you eat a raw diet of any kind, you simply must know about durian, the fruit of the gods, absolutely the most incredible food on earth. Follow this link to learn more about this native Asian fruit, which is also called "stinky fruit".

Click here to go to the Links page for this site. A few links also appear below.

Some quick links:

The negative hydrogen ion (also known as the H-minus ion) is mainly found in nature as a powerful antioxidant nutrient in raw, unprocessed foods and in unprocessed water from certain wild sources. The Negative Hydrogen Ion website, at http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.com, is an educational website on this ion, containing even more information on this ion and its sources than found on the pages of this website. 

For some highly effective tools and techniques for opening the heart, becoming more free, creating the life you want, and reaching greater spiritual freedom, please check out my HeartRelease website, at http://www.heartrelease.org!

The Divine-Heart website, at http://www.divine-heart.org - shares information about the heart-centered spiritual healing work of Vinny Pinto, who is also the author of this educational website on raw foods diets. Vinny is a non-local spiritual healer; his spiritual healing work involves no contact (called "non-contact" or nonlocal) and is often done remotely. It may seem odd that Vinny, who has trained as a scientist, psychotherapist and researcher (and also as an electronics engineer) would also offer spiritual healing, but he also has a very strong training background in energy healing, inner spiritual disciplines and acupuncture. He now offers only non-contact spiritual healing (sometimes called subtle energy healing), and feels that it is this work (far more than his research work or raw foods educational work) which most "makes his heart sing".  

    MegaH™, MegaH-™ and Megahydrin™ are registered trademarks owned by Flantech Group.
    Nalgene® is a registered trademark owned by Nalge Nunc International. 

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This freely-offered educational website has been totally self-supported by the author, Vinny Pinto, since its inception (and many of my websites were started between August 2000 and June 2003). While I offer the content on this website freely, as a gift to all from my heart, it is quite obvious that not only did my research in these realms (and also my training, including formal education, that allowed me to offer this material in the first place) incur costs, but there are also monthly and yearly costs associated with web hosting, domain registration, etc. As you have likely noticed, I have chosen not to accept any advertising on any of my websites. As a result of all of these factors, any funds that you might choose to donate toward supporting my research work and this site will be very much appreciated.

Thus, I am seeking donations to help me to support this site -- even two dollars helps! If you wish to donate, you may do so by using your credit card, ATM card, debit card, or transfer from your bank account, via fully secure means. To make a donation, please go to the Donations and Support page! All transactions are secure; in all cases, you get to choose the donation amount!

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Commercially-available SAM Type 4-Fermented Antioxidant
Nutritional Supplements for Humans

There are now several fermented antioxidant nutritional supplement products (mostly liquid brews/beverages) brewed with SAM Type 4 microbial consortia available on the market, across the Western world, including the USA. To learn more about such brews and vendors/producers, please see my syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) website.

Click here to go to our Links page. Our links page lists some RVAF diet-related sites as well as sites which are only peripherally related to RVAF diets, and may contain some links for commercial sites as well.

To learn more about Vinny, his informational websites and the various services which he offers, please feel free to check out the Vinny Pinto Central Directory website, at http://www.vinnypinto.us

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